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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. caption colorado, l.l.c. it has been nearly 40 hours and an amber alert is still in effect for this 4-year- old boy. the search today in a canal and the mother's plea to her son's kidnapper. >> did governor schwarzenegger break the law when he reduced the sentence for an assembly speaker's son? the court battle taking place today. >> forget the calendar. the mild weather continues feeling more like spring. how long will it last? your pinpoint forecast is just ahead. and troubles on 101 that may slow you down. i'll tell you where coming up in just a few moments. good morning, everyone. it is thursday, the 20th of january. thanks so much for joining us.
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i'm sydnie kohara. >> i'm elizabeth wenger. time now is 4:30. the search for a missing 4- year-old is focused on a canal near patterson in the central valley this morning. our anne makovec is in berkeley to explain why divers will be back in that canal again this morning. good morning, anne. reporter: they are going to continue searching that canal at first light. yesterday, they did pull a vehicle from that canal thinking that it could be the vehicle that the suspected kidnapper was driving and it turned out to be a different vehicle altogether. so the amber alert is still in effect this morning. you can see signs like this up and down california highways with with the license plate of the car they are looking for, hoping for some sign of the kidnapper and the missing boy. police say jose esteban rodriguez took 4-year-old juliani cardenas from his grandmother's arms on tuesday in patterson. they have not been seen since. now, rodriguez used to be the boy's mother's boyfriend. they broke up a few months ago
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and she says rodriguez has been hearing voices and that he is likely schizophrenic. police are focusing on this canal because a farm worker reported seeing a car similar to rodriguez's car drive into the canal on tuesday. the boy's family is holding out hope that he will be found alive. >> hope that he is safe and warm wherever he's at. hopefully he comes home soon. [ crying ] >> because i don't believe that jose is going to hurt him. i believe he's going to -- everything is going to come out okay. >> reporter: now, the family held this vigil last night in patterson at the cardenas family home, the same place where the 4-year-old was taken. police are now looking for the vehicle, the alleged kidnapper took off in a silver toyota corolla with oversized black rims, license plate there on your screen, 6hbw445. again, those same numbers and
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letters up here on signs all around california on the highways, hoping for some sort of sign. there was some thought that this man might be heading to san jose because his family lives there. but according to police, there are no signs of this suspected kidnapper. we did hear from the suspect's uncle last night. he did say that he didn't believe that the suspect would hurt the little boy. he also said he believes that the suspect would head to san jose, but again no sign of him there, either. elizabeth. >> everyone on the lookout. all right, anne makovec live for us this morning in berkeley. thank you, anne. former governor schwarzenegger is facing a legal battle this morning. the family of luis santos plans to file a lawsuit against swartz nage today in sacramento. they say schwarzenegger violated their constitutional rights under mary's law when he commuted the sentence of one of two men convicted of killing santos back in 2008. that man is esteban nunez, the
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son of former state assembly speaker fabian nunez. voters passed mary's law in 2008 which is intended to give crime victims due process. a public depender may ask the san francisco prosecutors be recused from the case of a wheelchair bound man shot by police. the man pleaded not guilty yesterday to several charges including aassaulting a peace officer with a deadly weapon. the deputy public depender tells the "san francisco examiner" this case could be a conflict of interest for the district attorney's office. new lay pointed d.a. george gascon was police chief when that shooting happened and he has depend his officers' actions. >> i think we have to reduce our level of overtime significantly. the reductions in overtime this year... >> meanwhile, gascon could be replaced as san francisco police chief within two months. the police commission approved a rapid schedule last night which closes the application period by early next month.
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interim mayor lee could select a cleave by march 15. congresswoman gabrielle giffords amazes doctors as she recovers from a gunshot wound to the head. she is now able to stand up. giffords' mother said her daughter was also able to sit in a chair and read cards from fourth grade students. everyone's optimism remains cautious, however. >> it is in the long run more of a marathon than a sprint. so we like to tell people and families, pace yourselves. this is going to be a long run. it's going to be weeks to months. >> giffords is expected to be moved out of the hospital within days to a rehab facility in houston, texas. a federal grand jury has indicted suspected gunman jared loughner. the indictment specifically deals with the attempt to kill giffords and two of her aides. it is the first indictment
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stemming from the tucson tragedy. investigators say loughner fired 32 bullets in 15 seconds. china knees president hu jintao is scheduled to meet with congressional leaders after a state dinner at the white house. his welcome to capitol hill might not be as warm. yesterday, senate majority leader harry reid called hu a dictator. reid later tried to recant the comment. president obama toasted hu's visit last night. >> to our people, the people of china and the united states of america, may they grow together in friendship, may they prosper together in peace, and may they realize their dream of the future for themselves, for their children and for their grandchildren. >> as for entertainment, guests were treated to a performance by herbie hancock. and in case you're wondering what was for dinner, it was an
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american menu. pear salad, maine lobster, ribeye steak and russian river chardonnay along with apple pie for dessert. well, the two bay area mayors invited to last night's white house state dinner escorted each other to the event. this is a photo of long-time friends oakland mayor jean quan and san francisco mayor ed lee. both were invited and making political history as asian- american mayors. a committee plans to meet next week to discuss school closures in contra costa county. last night parents and students packed a meeting in walnut creek arguing both for and against closing seven schools in mount diablo unified school district. after cutting $50 million over the past few years, the district says it now has to cut another 12 million this year. >> closing silverwood would be one of the worst ideas ever and i know that more people think that, too. >> last night's meeting is the first step in the decision- making process. in a vote is scheduled for february 8. it is 4:37.
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let's get a quick look at weather and traffic. robert, good morning. beautiful, beautiful weather yesterday. and i want a repeat today. >> phenomenal weather yesterday as a matter of fact. and you asked for it, sydnie, and i'm here to deliver. [ laughter ] >> we'll see mostly sunny skies, already a mild day on tap. 49 degrees currently in vallejo, 50 in oakland, 52 in mountain view, 42 in santa rosa. really, the only weather affect that we saw overnight and will continue into this morning is some wind. about 30 miles per hour in the east bay hills and in some parts of the north. but that's effectively going to die out. mostly sunny skies throughout the day, temperatures fantastic. out the door right now, 55 in the far inland areas. if you are inside the bay, we're also seeing as i mentioned just a few of those breezy conditions. it's even still mild at the coastline. 69 degrees is the expected high in some of the farther reaches of the east bay. 65 at the coast. 61 degrees along the beaches.
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so if you are going to play hooky, send me an email and let me know what you're going to do. i won't put your name on the air. just tell me what you're going to do. here's gianna with the traffic. >> northbound 101 just before ellis, injury accident involving an overturned vehicle. the left lane is blocked at this time for chp and emergency crews. word of damage to the center divide, so some of the center divide fell into southbound lanes. they called for caltrans sweepers to get everything out of the way. that should wrap up in 30 minutes. not too far from there south 101, various lanes closed for ongoing cal-tran work that should wrap up by 5:00 and a first look at the bay bridge not bad no fog advisory and the metering lights are off. back to you. >> thank you. time now 4:39. pilots flying blind. >> that represents a potential hazard for our people and pilots and aircraft in the sky
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over our community. >> the prank putting passengers at risk and why the danger is even greater at bay area airports. >> plus, a grim warning for california's future college students. how many qualified applicants could be turned away because of uc budget cuts.
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pilots getting blinded by laser pointers, right after it is 4:42. a growing danger for commercial flights. pilots getting blinded by laser pointers right after take-off or just before landing. as len ramirez reports, bay area airports are among the worst in the nation. reporter: final approach to mineta san jose international takes airplanes right over the top of the town. but at least 80 times last year, the pilots' concentration was dangerously disrupted by the bright light of a laser beam being pointed up by people on the ground into the pilots' eyes. laser pointer incidents doubled in the united states last year according to the faa, which
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ranked san jose third among american airports for this type of crime. >> that's not a good place to be, because that represents a potential hazard for our people and pilots and aircraft in the sky over our communities. >> reporter: los angeles international airport had the most laser incidents with 102 reported in 2010 followed by chicago o'hare with 98, san jose and phoenix tied for third with 80 incidents each. oakland international airport ranked sixth with 55 incidents. and sfo ranked 8th with 39. laser pointers are readily available at electronics stores or through the internet and they can cost just a couple of dollars. and anyone of any age can buy them. why so many incidents in san jose? >> might be the fact that this is silicon valley and laser pointers are commonly used for untold powerpoint presentations. nobody really knows for sure. what we do know for sure is it's a hazard, something that people should not do. never point a laser pointer at a sky at a person at an airplane, never. >> reporter: but they are not just pointing them at airplanes.
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santa clara county sheriff's deputies say people often shine them at their helicopter during night patrols and last year, they made five arrests. this is one of the confiscated devices. it's actually four lasers taped together for maximum effect. sergeant jim helms was in the cockpit when it happened. >> the initial point of the laser very small but when it gets to be four to five miles away, the size of the actual beam is quite larger and -- >> four at the same time? >> basically what happens is the aircraft, the fuselage is curved. none of the windshields are flat. they are curved. so when the beam hits the windshield it acts like a prison and illuminates the cockpit. it's not one little beam coming through. and it can temporarily blind or permanently cause damage to eyes. >> reporter: other law enforcement agencies are starting to take these incidents very seriously. in fact, pointing a laser at a commercial airliner is a federal offense and the fbi is now starting to investigate. in san jose, len ramirez, cbs 5. boeing is handing out 900 pink slips here in california.
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the company announcing those layoffs yesterday citing declining orders for the c-17 cargo planes. the cuts will affect the plant in long beach. but help will be provided for those workers who are seeking positions elsewhere with boeing. budget cuts will force the university of california to reject tens of thousands of qualified students over the next decade. that's what uc president mark yudof told regents in san diego yesterday. he says the system face a budget gap of at least a million dollars a year. he attributes half that amount to reduced funding from the state. the california state university system is in a similar financial bind. time now 4:45. a warning this morning about a disney product sold at supermarkets. the claims of high lead levels in popular grocery bags. >> plus, they thought it was candy, so they passed it around. the punishment for several students who ate rat poison in the classroom. >> and wasting away minutes of your morning sitting in gridlock. the reason some experts say
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traffic is getting worse. ,, ,,,,,,
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republican leaders are gearing welcome back. a day after voting to repeal president obama's healthcare legislation, republican leaders are gearing up to propose a new law. >> the bill is passed. the motion to consider is laid upon the table. [ applause ] >> during the debate yesterday, some gop members referred to the current healthcare law as job killing and socialist. democrats said repeal would only empower big insurance companies. >> small businesses see, senior citizens see, parents with children under 26, they see a chance to liberate themselves from the most arbitrary, the most capricious, the most bureaucratic system in our entire free economy! and that's the insurance companies. >> the repeal vote is seen largely as symbolic since it is
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unlikely to pass the democratic controlled senate and faces a veto by president obama if it does. republicans are focused on changing specific areas of the law now. a legal victory for same- sex couples seeking federal benefits. this week a federal judge in oakland ruled that state employees in california can sue for discrimination for being denied certain health benefits. right now, the federal government is not extending long-term healthcare to spouses of state workers who are gay. 4:49. a funeral is planned for saturday in potomac maryland for peace corps founder and former presidential canadaer sargent shriver. the funeral will be private but a public wake is planned tomorrow in washington, d.c. he will be buried in massachusetts next to his wife. he died tuesday after a battle with alzheimer's disease. he was 95 years old. happy thursday to you. we talked about all this sun
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yesterday. we talked about it being unseasonably warm. and boy, didn't it deliver? fantastic. temperatures anywhere from five to 10 degrees above normal. and we expect the same again today. as you walk out the door today if you particularly -- particularly in the east bay hills expect a few breezes along the bay as well but nothing too drastic. we are seeing about 30 miles per hour right now. but we do expect all of those winds to begin to decrease as we move toward the lunch hour. and then that's just going to veal mostly sunny skies. 69 degrees is the expected high in the warmest of areas. santa rosa yesterday 71 degrees. they are expected to get up to 69. don't be surprised if it gets above that. inside the bay temperatures from 62 to 65 degrees. wonderful day at the coastline expected highs around 61. it's all because high pressure continues to build over the bay area and as it does, it's going to allow a little more of that wraparound effect so the winds are going to turn from on land and push back out
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toward the ocean. that's what's creating the breezy conditions. that allows us to warm up during the day. 5 pacifica. 64 redwood city. 58 pacifica. 66 los gatos. 65 san jose. as we push back into the east bay, slightly cooler particularly for the farther reaches of the east bay. brentwood, antioch, livermore. again, we saw a little bit of that cloud effect and some fog from yesterday. but still a great day on tap. 68 in petaluma, 64 for benicia. 65 in kentfield. what a fantastic look at the seven-day forecast. nothing but sunshine as we move through our weekend. a few clouds begin to push in. that's because we expect the winds to return from the ocean. that may bring a few clouds with it, a little bit of fog, nothing too drastic. we are still looking at significant mid-60s through the start of the workweek next week. rt of the workweek next here's a look at the roads with gianna. >> thank you. starting off in mountain view where our trouble spot is north
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101 before ellis. injury accident overturned vehicle the left lane down for the count. chp on scene. there is also damage due to the accident in the center divide so some of that debris is actually in southbound lanes so caltrans is on scene sweeping all that mess up. let you know as soon as they re- open that lane. elsewhere south 101 we have some roadwork to contend with between rangesdorf. it should be cleared up in 30 minutes. north 880 the tennyson on-ramp closed until 6 a.m. for ongoing roadwork. northbound 280 in the south bay, that ramp northbound guadalupe parkway shut down should be open at 6:00. the rest of the south bay commute good. no delays on 101. 880/237 in milpitas, moving well through that area. san mateo bridge, traffic is moving nicely. 13 minutes from 880 to 101.
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elsewhere, the golden gate bridge no problems, very quiet not a lot of cars on the bridge now still clear out of marin county and checking the bay bridge traffic light. the metering lights are off. no delays on the eastshore freeway. that's a look at the morning commute. back to you. >> thank you. taking a look at the shot. it's great if you want to get into the city early. but if you get a traffic headache every morning you're not alone. it seems to be happening to more people according to a new study. during the recession, experts say that traffic was better than it had been in a decade but once more people started returning to work and shopping more, traffic got worse. commuters in san francisco and oakland come in sixth for their most time spent in traffic nationwide. drivers in chicago and washington, d.c. suffer the most. well, the government needs work when it comes to solving food-borne illnesses and could dna be the destopping bedbugs? with today's health news here's randall pinkston. reporter: the american lung
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association says most states are failing they were comes to helping smokers quit. the organization says states are making millions in taxes and tobacco settlements but spending just a fraction on smoking prevention programs. according to a new report, 40 states spent less than half of what the federal government recommends. every year, more than 400,000 people die from tobacco-related illnesses. a consumerwatch watchdog group says the u.s. is getting worse at solving outbreaks of food- borne illness like salmonella and e. coli. during an outbreak the government tries to pinpoint the food causing the sickness but the centers for science in the public interest say success rates have dropped over 10 years. the group homes the rates will change now that the fda and cdc are adopting new systems to track food-borne illness. for the first time, scientists are looking deep into the dna of bedbugs to find a way to stop their rapid spread.
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bedbugs numbers have jumped 500% in the past decade as the insects became more resistant to pesticides. researchers are trying to pinpoint the genes that make bedbugs resistant so new ways to exterminate them can be developed. and those are some of the day's top health stories. i'm randall pinkston, cbs news. a watchdog group claims disif i's shopping bags sold at safeway have dangerous levels of lead, the disney shopping bags. reusable toy story and cars bags. were tested and were found to have 15 times the legal limit for lead in kids products. safeway has stopped selling them. disney says it is looking into the claims with the manufacturer. several of the kids who ate rat poison in san francisco school have been suspended now. seven kids at martin luther king middle school last week ingested the poison found on top of a filing cabinet. some students encouraged the others to try it, saying it was candy. none of the kids, though, got
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sick. the poison control center said that product was nontoxic. the school district considers the incident a serious phones and discipline measures are being put into place. 4:56. an amber alert for a 4-year-old boy is now nearly 40 hours old. >> and this morning, authorities will continue searching a canal looking for the getaway car in that case as the family holds a vigil last night. i'll have the latest coming up. >> former governor arnold schwarzenegger is about to be sued. why a concord family feels he deprived them of their rights. >> plus, congresswoman gabrielle giffords makes a huge milestone in her recovery. the progress that could have her released from the hospital by end of the week. ,,
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reporter: the american lung th sear atterson your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. caption colorado, l.l.c. nearly 40 hours and no sign of the boy of at the center of the amber alert. the search focusing on a patterson canal and the mother's plea to her son's kidnapper. >> plus, the controversy over a former assembly speaker son's
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murder sentence heads to court. why the victim's family claims governor schwarzenegger broke the law. >> and your calendar says january. but it's feeling more like spring. how long will these warm unseasonably warm temperatures hold on? i have that answer coming up. and a major injury accident along 101 may slow you down. i'll have details coming up in a few minutes. good morning. it is thursday, january 20. i'm elizabeth wenger. >> i'm sydnie kohara. thanks so much for joining us. your time coming up on 4 -- excuse me, 5:00. topping our news, divers will be back in a canal in the central valley this morning as part of the search for a child who was abducted. let's go to anne makovec in berkeley. that's where those amber alert signs are still activated this morning. anne. reporter: this little boy has been missing for almost 40 hours right now. authorities are going to continue searching that canal at first light this morning. you can see the sign behind

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